Andrew Lee

Dan Carney

Dannette Rodriguez


Frank Moricco Producer & Comedian, Writer

Ashley Morris 

Texas Born New York based Ashley has been seen on Desperate Housewives, Ugly Betty, Murphy Brown, The Big Bang and many more.   You can see more about Ashley here 

Lana Siebel 

Comedian,Actress,Dancer  and Writer

One of the Funiest young comics in The New York Scene. He is a regular at Top Showcase  Clubs like Carolines on Broadway

Weilding a sharp wit honed in Brooklyn Danette Rodriguez has brought a fierce unapologetic hilarity to Caroline's, LA's Comedy Store and as far as standup Tokyo. Danette brings Boricua confidence and New York honesty to bear upon the daily frustrations of family and life in Gotham. Confident,inventive and eminetly clever, her semi-biographical humor can be described as cyicism steeped in hope, but there's no doubt her act will leave you howling in your seat

Andrew Lee is a New York City Based  Comedian. He has performed in World famous Places like Corolines Comedy Club and Atlantic City. 

Brick Wall Comedians  





Inspired By Rodney Dangerfield ,Frank Moricco  has helped keep the New York Comedy scene  alive before the Lockdowns were started. He continues his quest to bring together some of the finest comedians  that  share his passion to help us all laugh a little while we continually endure the unusual unpredictable and sometimes dumbfounding  punishment we all are forced to deal with day in and day out.

When Frank's not appearing in clubs up and down the East Coast he is keeping the dream alive by always looking to the next show.

If you havent heard of him you soon will and the amount of Talent and other comedians he brings to the show is  Priceless.


From sun up to sunset and rite on thru high noon, Frank Delivers from here to the moon.


Carmines i s Home to the World Famous BRICK WALL COMEDY CLUB

Check Back For The Next Events. Here are some of the Comedians that have performed here 

Talks about a wide range of topics, has lots of experience with many different ethnicitys and types of people growing up in N>Y.C. Has also been an actreess for over a decade trained with well known actors and coaches. Previously an International dancer ranked 7th in the U.S.and gre up with and ranked similar to the DWTS ( Dancing with the Stars)